Arita Linde

Senior Associate, Consultant

Specialisation areas: Corporate Governance, General Commercial Law, Labour Law & Immigration
Education: Riga Graduate School of Law (LL.M.)

Latvian, English, Russian (working languages) German, Spanish, French (conversation languages)


Tel.: +371 67507722
Fax.: +371 67507723

Arita’s primary experience lies with dealings with the Register of Enterprises and anything related to Corporate Governance and Corporate Law. Arita has served as Supervisory Board Member in various companies related to the transit of commodities.

When dealing with the Register of Enterprises Arita’s experience would probably be unmatched in Latvia having been in charge of these affairs in numerous leading transit companies in Latvia for years. Especially in companies dragged in fierce shareholders' disputes.

Whenever there is an attempt to raid a company, Arita would be in an unmatched position to provide an effective antidote knowing first-hand what ought to be done.

Arita’s field of expertise also covers Immigration law when it comes to securing our business clients’ Management entry leave in Latvia.