Daimars Skutans, LL.M. (the University of Cambridge), LL.B. (the University of Latvia), Managing Partner, Attorney-at-Law

The Latvian legal system calls for many fundamental improvements. A lot of irresponsible and unconstitutional legal provisions are yet to be brought before the Constitutional Court. Many complaints are yet to be submitted to the European Court of Human Rights. The awareness of many fundamental legal wrongs is to be increased in the legal community.

We share the values of the Western legal thinking and stand by them. It is our hope that the most gifted and talented law students would share our vision. The purpose of the Spilbridge scholarship is to encourage the brightest to help us weeding out the most suffocating injustice in the manner indicated above and support the effort financially. However, it is a pro bono scholarship, not an opportunity to earn legal fees. Moreover, we expect cracking ideas to come from prospective applicants.

It is easy to find on the Internet what we do. We are disobedient to the old ways. We seek to expand our effort and turn to the brightest. We seek to bring hope. It is as simple as that.

For further enquiries please e-mail: daimars.skutans@spilbridge.com